Severe Winter Weather Advisory

Winter is officially here and coming in strong. Meteorologists are predicting
10-15 inches of snow in Metro Detroit over Wednesday and Thursday.

This snowfall may seem big and you would be right – it will likely be recorded as one of the top 25 recorded snowfalls since1880 (Free Press)

The weather can change quickly here in Michigan and it is crucial to be prepared. Detroit Area Agency on Aging wants you to have all of the tools to stay safe this week and be prepared for the storm accordingly. We’ve outlined some tips below and also linked some important references to review before the storm hits.

Please check on your loved ones; older adults can be more vulnerable during these times.

severe weather image

General Tips to Prepare

(*As reported by the Free Press – 1/31/2022)

Living in Michigan is always interesting and ever-changing. In order to stay safe, being prepared is crucial. Below are a few tips to stay safe during this upcoming and future snow storms. Have a kit, plan, and be informed!

  1. Have a kit/bag ready for safety and comfort so you can shelter at home(medicine, non-perishable food, water blankets, extra clothing, and batteries). Detailed Check List and more details here
  2. Contact friends and family (maybe neighbors or caregivers) to establish a plan – communication is key
  3. Charge electronic devices
  4. Locate your fuse box or have a contact to reach it if necessary

I lost Power, What do I do?

If you lose power:
  1. Keep your fridge closed – eat nonperishable items (canned goods)
  2. Use flashlights not candles
  3. Do not use cooking grills or fuel-powered generators indoors as they emit carbon monoxide, which can be deadly.
  4. Do not approach power lines that are down – contact DTE (Report through DTE’s website or call 911 and 800-477-5050)

I Still Have Questions