Food & Friendship Connections helps older adults connect to peer support groups, nutrition services, networking opportunities, and additional resources to support general health & wellness.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be at least 55 years of age
  • Residents of DAAA Service Area
  • Verified HIV+ Status
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A woman is talking to a man who is holding a bag - both are wearing protective masks.

Peer Support Groups

Food & Friendship Connections helps older adults connect with other program participants in Peer Support Groups. We help provide a trusted network of peers who help support each other. Groups may vary in size based upon your needs and program availability.

Wellness Check

Participants receive a wellness check-in to gauge how they are feeling, and if community resources and services are necessary. Wellness checks can be monthly or more frequently, as needed.

We make referrals to available resources to help support the individual needs of participants.

A woman is helping a man placing food carryouts in his reusable bag

Nutrition Services

  • Participants have the option of selecting hot meals to be delivered to their homes Monday through Friday or
  • Frozen meals to be delivered in five-packs, once a week.
  • Supplemental nutrition (Ensure or Glucerna) is available by request and is delivered once a month.

Education & Training

Partner agencies will make educational opportunities available to participants. Workshops include various health & wellness topics and educational sessions on how to best utilize peer support groups.


Participants will be offered opportunities to participate in networking opportunities virtually or face-to-face when possible. These networking events are designed to reduce social isolation and to engage participants in stimulating and fun activities.


Limited Transportation services are available to medical appointments and networking events when possible. Transportation must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and participants must adhere to the CDC, COVID-19 guidelines.

For more information about Food & Friendship Connections, call (313) 446-4444.