Volunteer Opportunies Available

365 Days A Year

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA). We appreciate your willingness to support older adults in our region by donating your time and talents.



  • Administrative Support
  • Community Outreach
  • Grocery Shopping for Seniors
  • Holiday Meals on Wheels 
  • Michigan Medicare Medicaid
    Assistance Program (MMAP)

Holiday Meals on Wheels

(Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Labor Day)

  • Holiday Drivers

    8:30 am – 10:30 am

  • Meal Preparation

    5am – 8:30 am

  • Meal Distribution Support

    7 am – 10 am


Know People interested in volunteering?

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Give Back To Your Community

Volunteering Is Fun, Rewarding, & Good For The Soul

Take a look at some of volunteers from years past giving back to their community in a real way that truly helps the seniors. Get folks in need get meals vital to their survival and mental well-being around the holidays, which can be a very hard time of the year for some.


1. Fill Out Your DAAA Volunteer Background Check Form

Please submit your Background Information

  1. A background check is required for all Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) Volunteers.
  2. Download the DAAA background check release form by clicking here: DAAA Volunteer Background Check Form.
    1. The background check will collect information from the Michigan State Police iChat system encompassing criminal history, and national sex offenders list and will remain on file for five (5) years before another check must be completed. Please remember that these background checks are solely for the protection of the vulnerable population we serve.
    2. Even if you have proof of a background check or police clearance completed within the past 3 years from your place of employment or another organization with which you volunteer, you must complete a separate background check with DAAA. This is a new form effective October 1, 2020.
    3. The form is fillable – a physical signature is not required
    4. Tier A Volunteer Opportunity does NOT require SSN, DOB = not client facing (loading HMOW, Outreach Bag Assembly)
    5. Tier B Volunteer Opportunity requires SSN, DOB, Full Address, Driver’s License #, Full First and Last Name = Client-Facing (having in-person and/or in-home client contact, access to a client’s personal property, or access to confidential client information – this includes Holiday Meals on Wheels delivery)

If you have any questions, please email your concerns to hmow@daaa1a.org