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IHC TaskForce Goal

To develop a community-wide implementation plan or road
map designed to coordinate and integrate social and
environmental determinants of health to reduce health disparities
and to close the gap on the technology digital divide.

Primary Program Objectives
  •  To address the digital divide to reduce health disparities of older adults, caregivers, other city residents and service providers.
  • To develop a community-wide roadmap/conceptual framework for connecting the community to technology, community resources and the social determinants of health.
  • To research systemic technological changes needed within and outside of the provider network to better integrate care and develop the community’s health care work force.
  • To develop process and community impact methodology for evaluating implementation of the Inclusive Health Care-Metro Detroit initiative.
  • To develop a final report and toolkit to support program expansion and replication including an Inclusive Health Care Summit.

IHC Taskforce Summit

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Watch the Inclusive Healthcare Taskforce Summit to learn about the implementation plan, and upcoming IHC Taskforce initiatives. Watch Now


Committee Meeting Recordings

Watch the Launch Meeting of the Inclusive Health Care Taskforce to get more information about the goals and general overview of the IHC Taskforce. Additional subcommittee meeting videos are below for more information and details.

Subcommittee Community Session

Subcommittee Community Action Planning

Additional Materials

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Journal Articles and Research

Find articles related to digital inclusion for older adults and how it relates to addressing the impact of the digital divide on health disparities and exclusion in telehealth and eHealth care settings.