Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Research

Social factors such as limited access to nutrition, housing, healthcare, social services, quality water, adequate income, education, mental health services, overall neighborhood conditions, and other factors influence 60-70% of the health and well-being of an individual and their surrounding community.

Social Determinants of Health map graphic of its benefits | Demographics & Research from Detroit Area Agency on Aging

Any solutions must address SDOH

Major findings include PSA 1-A death rate for ages 50 to 59 is 122% higher in comparison to those aged 50-59 in the rest of the State of Michigan and is 48% higher for ages 60-74.

Dying Before Their Time III Report by Detroit Area Agency on Aging & Wayne State University School of Medicine | Research Report

Therefore the Dying Before Their Time (DBTT) study is a call to action for our region.The Detroit Area Agency on Aging and Wayne State University School of Medicine are pleased to present the DBTT III report. This study details the health challenges of older adults in PSA 1-A (Detroit) from 1999-2017. It also presents initial recommendations toward reversing historic social, economic, and health public policies and therefore centuries of racialized poverty. Unless there is a sustained effort to make meaningful policy changes and address SDOH, we will continue to see the mortality trend line of this study persist over many decades to come. Our hope is that this study is a step toward changing this trajectory.


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2020 Community Needs Assessment

A joint collaboration between DAAA and the Wayne State School of Social Work.

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