The Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) joins the American Society on Aging to mark Ageism Awareness Day, on October 7. The commemoration provides an opportunity to draw attention to the existence and impact of ageism in our society among individuals, organizations, and businesses.  The World Health Organization defines ageism as “the stereotypes (how we think), prejudices (how we feel) and discrimination (how we act) towards others or oneself based on age.” 

Ageism is widespread and can be found in our workplaces and health systems to the stereotypes we see in TV programming, advertising, and the general media. In our three reports over 20 years on “Dying Before Their Time,” we uncovered that access to quality health care is affected by both age and race, leading to overall poor quality of life and premature deaths.  

At DAAA, we want a higher quality of life for every generation. We want to eliminate the stereotypes that portray older adults as slow or feeble. We want to improve the access to quality health care and free health and wellness programs that will extend longevity. And we want to celebrate healthy, positive aging. 

Join us. We want a future that celebrates every year of every person every day without prejudice! 

We Are Better and Stronger When We Are Together! 

-Detroit Area Agency on Aging