Volunteer Stories

“Respect.” “Intellectually challenging.” “After retirement, I can find my role in society.” Hearing “the joy and relief once you help them apply”. These are comments from State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) Volunteers about their role in assisting Medicare-eligible individuals, their families and caregivers. SHIP volunteers are trained and certified to help people navigate Medicare and related benefit programs. To volunteer for MMAPcall 1-800-803-7174. For more information, visit https://www.shiptacenter.org/.

“When I talk to people and I can save them a $100 here or $100 there, I can feel them smiling; I can feel them feeling better about life. I think that’s very important.” - Charles Reese

"It’s just a joy and a blessing, to help and to give. And it doesn’t take a lot of your time.” - Annie Selley

"I enjoy what I do, and I want everyone to benefit.” - Doni Owens

"I enjoy sharing that knowledge and the know-how that I have to make things better for others." - Freddie Black