MMAP Makes A Difference

Medicare-Medicaid Assistant Program (MMAP) has the pleasure of providing services and resources to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries as well as Veterans. It is heartbreaking when beneficiaries talk about the many obstacles they endured to get answers  to their Medicare, Medicaid and prescription coverage questions. Many of their calls go unanswered and often not returned. MMAP realizes that it is important to never let a call go unanswered and always to provide accurate and complete information. 
A client recently visited MMAP after relocating from another state. She had Medicare and Medicaid with a monthly income of $778. She received noticed that she had been approved for full Medicaid. When she fell ill and tried to access her benefits, she was told that she had a Medicaid spend down and would not be able to see a doctor. She went to the emergency room for services; MMAP sent a complaint form to the state. Within seven days, the client was able to access her benefits and was notified that the state would pay her Medicare Part B. However $134 was subtracted from her check in July. She called to inform MMAP that she had received a refund for the amount taken out of her check in less than two weeks. This saved her $1,608 annually. 
"I would not have been able to get through all of the red tape without MMAP." P.H.
Since April 1, 2017 MMAP has helped 2,449 Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries. Of that number; 112 applied for extra help with Medicare Part D medication cost, an annual savings of $4000 each ($448,000), 180 applied for the Medicare Savings Program which helps pay for the Medicare Part B medical monthly premium an annual savings of $1608 each ($289,440). That’s a total of $737,440 of funds going back into the pocket of the beneficiaries and money going back into the community.
These benefits are entitlements. that clients are not aware of. A Day without MMAP would have meant Medicare beneficiaries spending $737,440 annually without the help of the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) MMAP.
Call MMAP's toll-free help line at 1-800-803-7174 to speak with a counselor.