SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO contractmgt@daaa1a.org AND ANSWERS WILL BE POSTED HERE (Please note that this is offered as a courtesy and, while we will do our best to answer as quickly as possible, same day answer is not promised)

1. Does this RFP apply to my agency or is your organization required to reapply if it is currently a DPOS (Fee for service) vendor?

This request for proposal is NOT for vendors supporting MI Choice / MI Health Link. The service provided through these grants funds are completely different from DPOS. These grant funds for Specialized Services and Community Wellness Service Center services in Region 1-A to be funded through the Older Americans Act for Fiscal Years 2020 through 2022, covering the period October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2022. DPOS providers are not precluded from applying but these proposals follow different set of guidelines and rules. 

2. Does my organization have to be registered with MDHHS CHAMPS system?

Enrollment into the MDHHS CHAMPS system is not a mandatory requirement, but implementing criminal background checks is a requirement. Instruction have been updated to reflect change and clarification

3. Does my organization have to do the mandatory monthly OIG and SAM checks on every employees and management team?

As a potential DAAA subcontractor, this is a mandatory requirement. If your agency is not currently doing this, they are expected to do so going forward in order to be considered for the grant and to remain compliant, if proposal is accepted.

Please note: Internet Explorer will not support the OIG and SAM websites. Copy and paste the website URLS into Firefox or Chrome. 

            Please refer to FAQ question #6 as well.

4. Could you please give a list of services you are requesting for the hearing impaired?

Please refer to the AASA Operating Standards starting on page I-51 of the instructions.

5. We are currently in the process of opening up a Home Health Care agency. Would the bid below require our services?

Please refer to the proposal instructions for requirements and services.

6.   What verification of the monthly OIG/SAM checks will you find acceptable?



The link to the above sites were also provided on the prescreening checklist within the instructions. Please refer to FAQ question #3 as well.

7.   Can you please assist me with the proposal application?

DAAA cannot provide individualized assistance. There is a technical assistance workshop scheduled on May 7.  Please refer to the instructions for details.

8.   Will you post to the FAQ page what materials you suggest we bring to the training on May 7th?

There are no required documents to bring as this will be mainly Q&A on how to best complete the application. It will be helpful to have the entire application package to refer when asking questions.

9.  Are stand alone, Fee-For Service, In-Home Respite Services being procured  through the RFP FY2020-2022 posted on the DAAA Website?

No, this RFP is not a fee-for-service, this is part of a grant with a set funded amount and requirement as to units and clients to be served. Please refer to the AASA Operating Standards.

10.   Respite Care is listed  as a Specialized Service on the RFP Instructions (Part 1 of 2).  The only additional reference to Respite Care is in the bundled services under Kinship Support Services.  Under Kinship Services, Respite Care is provided for the Grandparent/relative caregiver of children under the age of 18?

The instruction has been updated to list Respite services. Please also refer to the Respite Care Operating Standards.

11.   Is there a separate Specialized Service Application for Respite Care that is missing from the RFP Instructions (Part 1 of 2) and the Application (Part 2 of 2)? 

The instruction has been updated to list Respite services.

12.   If applying for CWSC funds, are we required to apply for all of the listed service categories, Navigator, Disease Prevention, Center Staffing, Center Operations AND Transportation? Or, can we apply for only selected categories? 

The Community Wellness Service Center categories covered must include: Community Service Navigator, Disease Prevention Health Promotion, Senior Center Staffing, Senior Center Operations, and Transportation.

13. May I print the application and supporting documentation double-sided?

The application (original copy/binder) must be single sided printed. The supporting documentation may be printed using front and back printing. 

14. The narrative questions in the instructions are not fillable?

The narrative questions in the instructions packet are questions that should be addressed with the application as attachments C and D.  A simple Yes and No answer is not sufficient.  Reviewers need to review a narrative response.

15.   Is offering medical escort rides sufficient to meet the requirement for transportation? 

If medical escort service is an allowable expense then your organization will be allowed to apply for such. Your organization should be able to demonstrate and express the need for that specific service within the application. Please refer to the access service and transportation minimum operating standards.

16. Organization does not have the means to directly offer transportation. However, we provide medical escort rides and would like to expand our successful AARP driving programs. Is using funds for those purposes sufficient for the RFP requirements?

Please refer to question #15. 

17. Our organization partners with a municipal program that provides curb-to-curb transportation for seniors and disabled adults. Could the portion of grant funds required for transportation be used to provide direct financial support to their operational costs?

Transportation does not have to be provided directly, it can be subsidized; the goal of the CWSC is to create an environment where seniors can congregate thus decreasing isolation and promote healthy aging, therefore the funds allocated for transportation should be used to fund the transport of those who are financially unable to afford the service whether directly or indirectly.

18. For Community Wellness Service Center Applicants ONLY - Is a separate section II required for the five CWSC programs (i.e., Transportation, Senior Center Operation, etc.)?

No, only 1 section II will be required for each packet/binder. Please use the "Checklist for application submission" as a de facto table of content for the original packet then duplicate the packet 3 times. Overall 4 packets will need to be submitted - 1 original and 3 copies - (FYI - If planning to use color copies, please remember that, in the interest of cost saving, the copies can be black/white) 

19. For Specialized Services applicants ONLY – Is a separate section II required if applying for multiple services (i.e., Adult day Day, Respite Care, etc.)?

Yes, there should be a section II for each service category you are applying for under the Specialized Service RFP. For example, if applying for ADC and Respite then the package should include 1 Section I and 2 sections II (one for ADC and one for Respite). Please use the "Checklist for application submission" as a de facto table of content for the original packet then duplicate the packet 3 times. Overall 4 packets will need to be submitted - 1 original and 3 copies - (FYI - If you were planning to use color copies, please remember that, in the interest of cost saving, the copies can be black/white) 

20. Can I have Independent contractors versus employees (to implement the services)?

If direct service staff is treated as independent contractors, attach a determination from the IRS that this designation is appropriate and acceptable (Form SS-8). This documentation should be included as Attachment 4 at the end of Section II: Program Information portion of the proposal. Refer to the Instructions for more details.

21. Can you share a sample of the prescreening checklist - Attachment N?

The pre-screening checklist is part of the instructions (pages I-48 though I-50 for Specialized Services and pages I-54 though I-56 for the CWSC). Those pages can be printed and completed by hand.

22. Should I submit the Instruction pages with the application?

No, the only documents from the instructions required to be submitted with the application package/binder are the pre-screening checklist and the checklist for application submission.

23. Our organization do not have minutes of board meetings available for the last 3 meetings but we have minutes from meetings prior.  Can we note that or submit minutes currently available?

Please submit the latest minutes available and note that subsequent meetings were held on such and such date but minutes are not available yet.

24. Where in the binders should additional documents (i.e., Memorandums of Understanding, Letters of Support, etc.) be added? The required documents page does not indicate a specific attachment to file these items under. Is there a specific divider/tab where we should file these items?

All additional documents without a specific attachment number should be added at the end of the section they correlate with (Section I or II). For example, if the document relates to Section I, then it can be housed under miscellaneous at the end of that section (after attachment N or M).  

25. The budget template Supporting Budget Schedule does not allow for distribution of salaries, fringes and other costs across the required programs. How should the costs for Navigator, Transportation, Operations, etc. be indicated on the supporting schedules?

A revised Community Wellness Service Center Budget Template has been uploaded and additional rows can be added if needed. Can the Audit and the Form 990 be double sided?

26. If you make the box YES for IRS Tax Exempt then the next question If yes, IRS code 501: ______________, do you want the (c) (3) section of the IRS code entered in this space or the FEIN?

IRS tax code 501(c)(3).

27. Can the Audit and the Form 990 be double sided??

Yes. Only Application (original copy/binder) needs to be single sided, everything else can be double sided.

28. Do the DAAA Cost per Client and Cost per Unit sections need to be completed on the Local Match and Other Resources pages?

Not a requirement as long as it is listed on the summary page.

29. What does Line 11: DAAA percentage of Local Match 15% on the Local Match page of the budget refer to?

All new applicants must provide a 10% local match and existing providers must provide a 15% non-federal local match. This can be in-kind or monetary. Please refer to general budget information section of the instructions on how to complete. Please note that the budget already has a formula of the calculation (currently set for those required to have a 15% match)

30. We have long-standing Letters of Commitment from organizations we have relationships with. Do these letters need to be updated for the purposes of this proposal?

The Letters of Commitment should highlight the role of the partner in the specific service you are applying for at this time. Long-standing Letters of Commitment are only acceptable if they specify how the organization will support the services being delivered in the proposal. Only submit documentation that is relevant to the services being applied for.

31. Are the financial documents, both the Budget Summary and the Unit Cost Budget to be completed for a one year period or for the entire three year period of the grant?

This budget and unit cost budget is only for FY 2020.  If awarded funding, budgets must be completed in each subsequent year.

32. From Checklist page I-55: Is the service termination procedure for clients or staff? If for client, is this pertaining to being terminated from all programs at the senior center? Do we need to attach a copy?

This is regarding whether your organization has policies and procedures on client service termination. Copies are optional now but will be required of successful applicants.

33. Are the policies on recruitment, training, and supervision on staff or clients? Do we need to attach a copy?

Copies are optional now but will be required of successful applicants.

34. Under senior center staffing, disease prevention and health promotion and community Navigator (I&A and outreach), it states to follow requirement on Minimum Operating Standards attached. I have looked through all the packets and I do not see Minimum Operating Standards attached. Where can the attachments be found?

All Operating Standards are located at the end of the instructions (CWSC – after page I-78 and Sp. Svc. after page I-52). Follow this link to download the Instructions (CWSC and Specialized Services).

35. Is the affirmative action policy plan for the staff or clients??

For staff.

36. For question PROGRAM DESIGN – Provide clear, concise responses to all the items listed, what list of items is this referencing?

Please review Page A-11 of the CWSC Application. Instructions and application should be reviewed in tandem.

37. The Program Narrative requests the following: OVERVIEW – Provide a clear description of the proposed activities and services. Indicate the methods to be used to deliver the program/services. What proposed activities and services are required? Is it acceptable to use the Operating Standards of Transportation, Congregate Meals, Disease Prevention/Health Promotion, Senior Center Operations, Senior Center Staffing and Community Service Navigator to address this section?

Proposed activities and services are at the applicants’ discretion but must meet program guidelines and operating standards and should address the programs within CWSC. Please refer to Instructions, appendices for list of activities and program (non-exhaustive)

Please also refer to I-39 the Community Wellness Service Center Instructions, “…State the service to be delivered by your project to meet the needs stated under Statement of Need.  In completing this section, it is recommended that you reference the applicable service definition.  Within the stated guidelines, please keep in mind that we are asking for a description of your proposed services and programs, and timeframe/process for start-up, if necessary.”

Please remember - Instructions and application should be reviewed in tandem.

38. The Community Wellness grant "Section II: Program Information" says "a separate Section II: Program Information packet must be completed for each service category." However, the RFP instructions do not discuss this further, and the Submission Checklist does not mention this. Can you provide further explanation about what exactly needs to be submitted separately for each of the five required service categories in Section II?

Please refer to #18. Describe how your organization will address each service category that supports CWSC services in your application. A separate Section II is not needed for each service category.

39. If an organization has independent contractors but has not yet received the IRS Determination Letter, which can supposedly take up to 6 months for the IRS to process, what should we include as attachment 4? Would our completed SS-8 form that we submit to the IRS be sufficient, even if it does not have the determination from the IRS listed? Would copies of our Independent Contractor agreements that the agency has signed with each contractor be sufficient?

Please provide what you have now, additional documentation would be required later. Also please refer to #20.

40. Can an applicant solely bid on one of the services listed, such as home delivered meals, or does an applicant have to bid on a specialized service (adult day services, caregiver educations, support and training, prevention of elder abuse, assistance to the hearing impaired and deaf, kinship support services, legal assistance, outreach (specialized populations), respite care, vision services) to incorporate services such as congregate meals or home delivered meals,  or bid on a community wellness service center (community service navigator, disease prevention health promotion, senior center staffing, senior center operations, and transportation)?

An applicant can submit proposal for 1 or more of the specialized service and/or one for the community wellness service center (community service navigator, disease prevention health promotion, senior center staffing, senior center operations, and transportation)? The application is thorough the RFP, the Annual Implementation Plan is the proposed plan which is supported by the RFP.

41. Is the signed Business Associate Agreement required for the Specialized Services and Community Wellness, or just Community Wellness?

You are not required to submit the Business Associate Agreement at this time. This will be required of successful applicants.

42. for the Community Wellness grant only: I noticed that "Attachment L Resumes of Management Staff" is part of the Application Fillable but is not listed on the Community Wellness submission checklist, making the labels for Attachment L and M differ in the checklist vs the Application Fillable / RFP. If we follow the Submission Checklist as the de facto reference for the organization of our binder, then we will not have resumes of key staff included. How would you like us to label the key staff resume section for this grant?

Please follow application guidelines. Using the submission checklist as TOC is a recommendation to make putting the package together easier but it is not mandatory.

43. My Agency is a Medicaid Private For-Profit agency and would like to make sure that we are completing the correct paperwork for what I believe my Agency offers. We offer Personal Care, Homemaking, Non-Medicaid Transportation and Chore Services. Is this the right process as we didn’t notice these services on the bid sheet?

Please refer to Question #1.

44. What do you do if you didn't receive application until after the training date of May 7, 2019, we didn’t receive until May 9, 2019?

Legal notice was posted in the newspaper on April 28, 2019. Any subsequent notification was done as a courtesy reminder.

45. Page I-48 of the Specialized Services RFP (in the Pre-screening checklist) notes to include a sample copy of Client Satisfaction Surveys and a Listing of In-Service Training. Where in the binder should we include these items? Just right behind the pre-screening checklist?

Yes, can be included behind the pre-screening checklist.

46. If an agency does not have bonding insurance for independent contractors / employees (which is listed on page A-6 of the Community Wellness grant with a minimum standard of $100,000), would that impact the application scoring? Is it acceptable to add this insurance upon being selected / approved? Or do we need this insurance as part of the application??

Insurance is a prescreening criterion and all its requirements must be met.

47. Is the prescreening checklist available as a fillable .pdf?

No, please refer to question #21.

48. Where is the prescreening checklist to be added to the final submission? Section 1 or 2? Attachment?

Prescreening checklist can be added as a standalone at the beginning of the binder.

49. My organization is a new provider and has only worked as a subcontractor. Do we still need to fill out a budget section and, if so, what needs to be included?

The application must be completed in its entirety and as specified within the instructions. All required and requested documents must be submitted.

50. For Community Wellness Center Budget - Is there a separate column or line item for administrative staff? The budget shows only personnel data. In the past there was a program staff column for administrative and program staff salaries?

The administrative staff can be added within the senior center staffing or within a specific program through allocation, if adding value to that program.

51. I'm not finding the tab for budget category 8 and 9 consultant and other costs. Could you please tell me where we put them?

Please keep in mind that the budget template for specialized services is different from the CWSC. Budget category 8 and 9 consultant and other costs are not separate tabs for the CWSC but line items (total balances) on the summary page. If it is more beneficial to your agency to have the details included, please add a separate for it.

52. For the CWSC RFP, is the Unit Cost Budget to be completed for each service category, i.e., staffing, operations, transportation, etc. or for all service categories combined?

Yes, for each service categories. The combined units/clients will be summed up on the Budget summary page (lines 12-13)

53. How do I submit my application?

All application should be submitted in person at the Detroit Area Agency on Aging located at: 1333 Brewery Park Blvd., Suite 200, Detroit, MI 48207, no later than Thursday, May 23, 2019 by 5:00 p.m. EST. Please refer to the instructions as well.

54. Checklist Section 1: Agency. Completed and signed Business Associate Agreement. I located the Business Associate Agreement (pg. I-69- I-77). I don't see a space for signature. I only see an agency name and date. Is this the one you want us to use?

Please refer to question #41.