Elder Abuse Prevention In-Action

We continue to shed light on the issue of elder abuse. In fiscal year 2016-17 we received a grant funded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to launch a pilot project to raise awareness and promote the prevention of elder abuse through education and trainings. We partnered with three faith-based organizations (Greater Burnette Baptist Church, Life Line Christian Center and Second Ebenezer Church) willing to raise awareness on the problem and motivate individuals to speak openly with other members and religious leaders about their circumstances as aging adults.
The PREVNT Elder Abuse Tool Kits were developed to elaborate the concerns of DAAA, MDHHS and Aging and Adult Services Agency (AASA). The tool kits outline Elder Abuse Prevention, Caregiver Training and the Elder Abuse Prevention Training Guide. Visit the links below for previews of the educational tools that have been designed to increase and broaden people's awareness of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. 

Elder Abuse Prevention Took Kit

Caregiver Tool Kit 

Elder Abuse Prevention Training Guide

Elder Abuse Prevention Talking Points

2017 Summit Presentation - Pilot of Prevnt

2018 Key Points of Elder Abuse

For more information and to obtain full copies, contact Tamara Perrin at (313) 446-4444 ext. 5259 or perrint@daaa1a.org